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Vicky Jain says he and Ankita Lokhande will be ‘together forever

Vicky Jain says he and Ankita Lokhande will be ‘together forever, says his friendship with Mannara Chopra and Ayesha Khan was portrayed wrongly: ‘Shameful’
Vicky Jain says that his relationship with Ankita Lokhande has weathered a few storms over the years and has emerged stronger and Bigg Boss 17 will not impact it negatively.

Actress Ankita Lokhande‘s husband Vicky Jain found popularity and notoriety in equal measures after his appearance on Bigg Boss 17. While his game was appreciated, things went wrong for him and Ankita as a couple with their frequent fights and disagreements. Things came to a head when his mother questioned Ankita’s behavior, and at the same time, Vicky’s friendship with Mannara Chopra, Ayesha Khan, and Sanaa Raees Khan was also questioned. Addressing all these issues, Vicky exclusively spoke to and shared how every story has two sides.

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