Laopala English Lavender Novo Collection Opalware Dinner Set, 35 Pieces, White

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Laopala English Lavender Novo Collection Opalware Dinner Set, 35 Pieces, White 

PatternDinnerware Set
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About this item

  • Made in India with automated advanced European technology
  • Toughened Extra Strong – Advanced technology used during the tempering process, ensures far greater resistance to impact & thermal shock, making the wares stronger
  • Break Resistant – Toughened by a specific thermal treatment called tempering, these products are 3 times more resistant to thermal shocks, breakages & chipping
  • Microwave Safe & Dishwasher Safe – Since these products are tempered, they are resistant to thermal & mechanical shocks, hence safe to use in the Microwave & Dishwasher
  • Bone Ash Free; 100% Vegetarian – The chemical components used in the manufacturing process does not contain any Bone Ash, thus making all the wares 100% vegetarian
  • Scratch Resistant – All these wares have a perfectly smooth & non-porous surface, resistant to scratches during usage
  • Super White – Enhanced whiteness is an outstanding feature of this collection. The finest quality of raw material components goes into manufacturing these wares, to enhance the subtle glow, making it whiter
  • Super Light – The weight of these wares have been reduced considerably with the advanced manufacturing process, making them very user friendly
  • Food Safe & Hygienic – These products are made of opal glass, which is a non-porous material. Thus it does not retain any micro-organisms which could lead to bacterial contamination
  • Safety – In an unlikely event of breakage, these wares shatter into harmless fragments; Item shape: Round


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