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Bollywood Celebs Who Ruined Their Career In A Matter of Seconds

Bollywood Celebs Who Ruined Their Career In A Matter of SecondsBollywood is a glamorous industry. Some actors and actresses make it big in the industry while some are not able to make their mark in the industry. Some actors or actresses fail because of a lack of skills while some fail because of poor scripts. There are also some celebs who have spoiled there could be a successful career because of a very small reason. They have become the villains of their own success stories.

Here are a few such Bollywood Celebs who ruined their career in a matter of seconds.

1) Mandakini

The Ram Teri Ganga Maili actress’s career was running on top. She worked in more than 40 movies in a span of 6 years. Once she was spotted along with a most wanted criminal Daud Ibrahim watching a cricket match. This moment led to the downfall of this actress’s career.

2) Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor was one of the most in-demand actors for his comic and villainous characters. But, in 2005 he was trapped in a sting operation to expose casting couch racket. This led to a drop in Shakti Kapoor’s career. Shakti Kapoor, however, said that the sting operation was fake and someone was trying to frame him.

3) Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta was on the pick of her career. The career was affected when her name was in rumors with drug smuggler Vikram Goswami. Mamta bid adieu to the industry and the country to be along with Vikram. Later even Mamta was accused of drug trafficking.

Some other celebs whose career was ruined seconds are; Shiney Ahuja and Vivek Oberoi

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