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Bollywood Celebrities with Each other

1. Esha Deol & Amrita Rao
Apparently, when Esha Deol and Amrita Rao were working together in the film Pyare Mohan, they had a huge fallout. Esha Deol slapped Amrita Rao in response to a snide remark made by her. Later, she even said that she has no regrets because she stood up for herself. Yeesh! Standing up and all is good, but violence is not the answer!

2. Salman Khan & Subhash Ghai
Back in 2001, Salman khan allegedly slapped director Subhash Ghai. And, he even admitted to it a year later. To help resolve the differences, Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan called Subhash Ghai to apologise on his behalf. He even sent Salman Khan over to his house to make amends.

3. Zoya Afroz & Sonali Raut
Zoya Afroz & Sonali Raut had their big fight when they were working together in the film The Xposé. Their differences began while on the sets of the film and worsened when they appeared on a TV show together. Zoya Afroz allegedly slapped Sonali Raut amidst a heated argument in the vanity van.

4. Shah Rukh Khan & Salman Khan

This is also one controversy that really made it to the gossip columns. They’ve even been said to have gotten in a physical fight. Back in 2008, during Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, allegedly an argument between the two turned into a hands-on fight. Years later the two buried the hatchet and even starred in each other’s films.

5. Akshay Kumar & Prakash Jaju
Just in case you didn’t know, Prakash Jaju was Priyanka Chopra’s manager back in the day. At the time, a rumour about Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra being together romantically was doing the rounds. Apparently, Akshay Kumar slapped Prakash Jaju on the grounds that he was the one spreading such rumours about the two.

6. Salman Khan & Ranbir Kapoor
There have always been rumours of friction between these two. A lot of people have speculated it’s because they share one thing in common, an ex-girlfriend. But honestly, there was bitterness between the two even before Ranbir Kapoor began acting. Apparently, Salman Khan had slapped Ranbir Kapoor in a club they’d run into each other at, in Mumbai. This happened based on an argument not many people know enough about.

7. Shah Rukh Khan & Shirish Kunder
I guess everyone knows about this one. Shah Rukh Khan slapped Shirish Kunder (filmmaker and Farah Khan’s husband) at Sanjay Dutt’s Birthday party. Again, no specific reason was mentioned for this happening. But, the situation did end up creating a dent in SRK and Farah Khan’s bond.

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